I know Ashley in 2 capacities – as a colleague and a coach;  when she was heading up production at m.i.h. jeans, through so many changes in the business, she was a wonderful leader.  She led her team with calmness and integrity, giving them perspective, helping them control their stress and resultantly getting the very best out of them.  She always had their backs, and they hers.

Many years later, Ashley spent some time coaching me and did exactly the same thing, encouraging me to find perspective and not to sweat the small stuff.

On a personal level, Ashley is just a fantastic human being and makes you feel a million dollars in her presence!

Beverly Hill, CEO – Hunza G

Thank you so much!!

I honestly couldn’t have done it without you, and I believe in my progress even more after saying it out loud.
What I’ve loved about our sessions is that you really focus on realising the positives as well as working out the negatives, and discussing all of the positives has given me so much motivation for next year. All the talk about careers has me so excited!

I can’t thank you enough, but seriously thank you!
Lots of love

Seeking help is not something that comes easily to all.

Our conditioning starts at birth and often, our self-worth gets defined by our conditioning.

Our relationships with others and the lack of one with ourselves, external and internal pressures we face, our physical and mental health, the hormonal dance that wrecks havoc, lack of empathy from all around us, a sinking feeling that doesn’t seem to want to go away, medical professionals failing to support, a glass of wine too many, and sometimes, the thought that if this doesn’t stop, the horror of the downward spiral!

I came to you with this background.

A dear friend recommended you to me, initially just to have a chat and perhaps get some direction on the kinds of help available. That you had worked in another industry before this gave me a sense of comfort that you were as connected to the real world and its pressures as we all are. I felt that your empathy was genuinely felt and that helped me feel normal.

I wanted to continue our meetings because you made me feel that I had an impartial hand that I could hold on to whilst I found a way for myself through my fog. You gave me the structure to lean onto by throwing various crutches at me to see which ones would suit me and which ones I would take to. I love that you didn’t try and fit me into a standard mould of ‘therapy’ and ‘prescription’.

You introduced me to the beauty and art of journaling. Whilst I am not there yet, I can see myself doing this in the future. I look at myself in the mirror every day and tell myself that I like what I see – warts and all. I also make a note to smile everyday. Sometimes, I just smile and suddenly, I find more reason to smile.

My biggest achievement is the realisation that I am lovable and it’s ok if only I love myself. I do not need others to love me to be lovable.

Some words and phrases I would use to describe my sessions with you:
Fun, Safe haven to shed tears, Non-judgemental, Caring, Professional, Knowledge, Belief Finally, there was definitely a structure but in that structure, you created the feeling of freedom for me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I wish you well and the continued strength to help others.

To others who may come to you, I would say – try with the knowledge that if it doesn’t work,
nothing is lost, you are in safe hands but hey, what if it works??


I never thought that therapy was for me. I had previous tried CBT, but didn’t really get on with it and anti-depressants, which just me feel numb.

At the end of last year and a run of bad events I found myself in a bad place, I was trying to juggle everything with a busy business and three small children.

A good friend of mine suggested that I get in touch with Ashley for a discovery call. I have to admit I was very nervous as I was not sure what to say and whether I was really worthy of therapy. In my head I thought that I just needed to pull myself together and get on with it.

I couldn’t have been more wrong, the discovery call made me realise that I really did need help otherwise I was going to totally burn out and it was starting to effect my family.

Every session after that made me realise that I was never putting myself first and to be better as a person and for the people around me I had to put myself and my health first.

The sessions with Ashley helped me put into place tools that I can use so when I do have a bad day that doesn’t then turn into a bad week. She made me realise the importance of making sure I have a little ‘me’ time even if some days it is only for 10 minutes

Ashley made me aware of what I need (before I would feel selfish for taking time out to myself even taking a 20 minute nap) so if everything doesn’t get done in one day there is always tomorrow. If that family member is not currently happy with me for their own reasons they will get over it.

The only things that are important are for me to be the best version of me for my kids and to do that I need to look after me. Also that future is ever changeable and I need to leave the past where it is instead of carrying it around as emotional baggage.

Through my whole experience Ashley made me feel totally relaxed and safe within the sessions so I could open up and say things that I had not wanted to admit to myself were a problem. Ashley helped me through a time when I felt very lost and I highly recommend her even if it is just for that initial chat.
LS x

As a person who has never had any therapy or coaching of any kind, I found working with Ashley extremely helpful in organising my thoughts and connecting the dots. Sometimes the word load and pressure of running my own company meant I was unable to see the wood from the trees. Ashley was able to help me to look at life differently, to see what was important to me and to help implement strategies to move forward in a positive and rewarding manner.

I would highly recommend working with Ashley, especially if you’re a creative. Ashley has the perfect blend of skills with her background and knowledge in this area.

Alex – Daisy Darche

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